15 thoughts on “X-Wing: Miniatures Game

  1. Kyle says:

    Any plans to make boxes for the tokens?

    • SirWillibald says:

      Already done, check out the “Generic Material” section, “MoToBo”. Just have to do the graphics kit for X-Wing, at the moment the MoToBo is plain white.

  2. Jason Scutt says:

    Is there full size maneuver cards? The red maneuvers on the scum are hard to see for me on the brown background. Lost me a match since I did not see the K turn when I glanced at a card once.

    • SirWillibald says:

      Sorry to hear, but no, I didn’t do them. But you can find some on BGG, for example. And a new version of my MiniManeuverCards is nearly ready with slightly improved graphics, maybe this will be easier to read.

  3. Damian Koz says:

    Fantastic work mate! Downloaded almost everything! Thanks a lot!

  4. Ron says:

    Let me start by saying I LOVE these boxes. You have done a GREAT job with these.
    My request – I would like to see boxes for the following:
    1 box for Ship #’s
    – the one’s that distinguish ships of the exact same type (1, 2, 3, etc).
    – perhaps allow to break up the numbers in box sets of 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc.
    – perhaps the same size boxes as the damage cards if box sets, or the pilot boxes if keeping all numbers in one box.
    1 box for Targeting Tokens (pilot size)
    1 box for all the Focus / Shields / Evade Tokens (pilot size)

    Again, Thank you for your work on these – they look great!
    (I tried to look around and make sure you do not already have these boxes before posting – my apologies if I missed them)

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks for your comment, but at the moment I don’t intend to do standard tuckboxes for any of the tokens, because that’s what I designed the ModularTokenBox for! An X-wing kit to make the box look more pretty is on my list.

  5. David says:

    I really appreciate your effort and generosity. I’ve downloaded several hangers, which I thought at first were the little ship tokens (that go on the stands, under the ships.)

    Please consider making some of these as well, unless I’ve missed them here.

    Very Best Regards,


    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks, David, but let me get this straight: You’re looking for boxes for the ship tokens? The hangars only hold the miniatures, not more. The ship tokens can be put in my GearBoxes, seen those? A single box for ship tokens only is currently not available, but I might be doing one in the future.

  6. Toyotawolf says:

    Love your work, put a bunch of these together tonight, can;t wait for the boxes for tokens, and hopefully templates too 🙂

  7. FALSE says:

    These are GREAT! I just got into X Wing miniatures and have been looking at ways to store my models.

    Are these meant for transporting the miniatures and meant to protect them from damage?
    Is card stock thick enough to protect them?
    The X Wings have pretty flimsy lasers sticking out and I would hate for one to snap off.

    These really are nice pieces.

    • SirWillibald says:


      Yes, the cardstock gives a surprisingly good protection. Just give it a try and build a hangar to see for yourself. When the ships are stored you can literally toss them into a box without any damage.

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