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159 thoughts on “X-Wing – Download area

  1. Phil says:


    congratulations for the great work!

    I love your idea of the dividers for X Wing, it would be awesome to have the same “product” but for Pilot cards, divided by Faction, ship and possibly generic/named

    Also, I would consider allowing some bleeding space between the dividers

    PS: do you use InDesign?

  2. Don says:

    Pilot Cards Boxes v5.0 ENG LETTER when attempting to extract from the 7z file produces the error:

    There was a problem while reading the contents of the file “X-Wing_TuckboxCollection_UpgradeCards_v5.0_ENG_LETTER”: The archive file is incomplete.


    Big fan of all that you do here. πŸ™‚

    • SirWillibald says:

      I hate it… Not you, of course! πŸ™‚

      Please check my first FAQ entry and let me know if nothing there helps!

      • Mark says:

        I also get an error when trying to unzip the X-Wing_TuckboxCollection_UpgradeCards_v5.0_ENG_A4 achive. I get cannot open the archive file, unexpected end of data. I am using 7-Zip. The same thing happened to me for the X-Wing_TuckboxCollection_PilotCards_ENG_A4 archive.

  3. DevilKall says:

    Amazing Maneuver Cards! I love them all and I use them in every tournament!
    Just a suggestion: can you create an alternate version divided by waves and not by factions? I’ve to re-print all the maneuvers each time a wave comes out…
    Thank you so much for your work and for sharing it!

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks! I intend to do this with the next version, but since I created the whole file from scratch with improved graphics for the last version I simply made this version. With the next update you can expect an additional print sheet that contains only the new maneuver cards!

  4. Ushoran says:

    I’m browsing through everything here like a kid in a candy store. Amazing work ! I’m taking everything (Almost) !

    I think I’ve spotted a small typo in the X-Wing CollectorBox (upgrade) divider file in english. The quote for the team divider is missing a “a” :

    “Then man your ships. And mAy the force be with you.” And I think the dot should be a coma, it seems wrong to me.

  5. X-Wing JPN says:

    You have a great collection of boxes for everything X-Wing. Not having to buy expensive cases and boxes allows me to get more miniatures πŸ™‚ Thanks a million and looking forward to the next wave.

  6. Craig says:

    Fabulous work! Thank you for sharing. I have noticed a discrepancy in the mini maneuver cards. Specifically on the TIE Punisher.

    Version 3.0 (english) shows the 2 turn as red and the 3 turn as white (correct).
    Version 4.0 shows the 2 turn as white and 3 turn as red (incorrect).

    I just printed out the 3.0 for my use, but thought you would want to know.

    Looking forward to the new site.

  7. Art DeBorger says:

    Is it possible to get a size 2 box for the Reference Cards? With the new additions I’ve outgrown the original size.

    Thanks for all of your hard work

    It is appreciated

  8. Pierre says:


    Absolute excellent job you did there, love what your ideas.

    I came here looking for manΕ“uvre cards and I found soooooooo much more…
    I am using foam to store my ships, but I’ll use your hangar too, they look so damn good.

    Back on the manΕ“uvre cards, I found the mini cards and the box for the mini cards AND the normal cards, but I could not, for the love of god, find the normal size manΕ“uvre cards. Maybe I missed them?

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks a lot, Pierre! πŸ™‚

      There’s a simple reason you can’t find the pilot card sized maneuver cards, I’m not responsible for them! You’ll have to visit BGG, I think you can find most of the cards (maybe even all of them, don’t know) in the file area for X-Wing. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I simply dislike the big cards, mainly because they carry far too much redundant information for my taste.

      • Pierre says:

        Ok found it. Thank you.

        I see what you mean by “too much redundant information” and I got to agree with you, I’ll probably try both card sizes and see which one I like best in the end ^^.

        Thank you again for your hard work.

        • Pierre says:

          As I said I am using some foam for my ships, but most of it, for regular size ship, is rectangular shaped, so I did not like how the ship was moving around within the foam. The nice thing is that your hangars fits perfectly in the foam so by combining the 2 system I end up with a very nice solution. Maybe a bit “overkill” I admit but what the hell ^^.

          Thank you for you work once again.

  9. Doug says:

    Let me preface this by saying that the fact that I’d even ASK the following question just goes to show what an amazing job you’re doing with these. I couldn’t love them more.

    How are people handling the Most Wanted set? There’s a single gearbox for the Z-95, but the Most Wanted set comes with two maneuver dials, which obviously won’t fit in a single gearbox. I’m thinking of just duplicating the box and crossing out the pilots that aren’t in there (since both boxes can’t have all the pilots), but I’m wondering if I’m just missing a cleaner, more obvious solution πŸ™‚

    • SirWillibald says:

      See your point, already thought about it a bit, no clean solution yet. Ideas welcome… πŸ™‚

      • Doug says:

        Personally, I think I’m going to:
        1) Move the bases and pegs out of the gearboxes. This solves the problem of, for example, having two Slave 1 gearboxes (Imperial and Scum), but only 1 large base. The reality is that I only ever need 8 small bases and 3 large bases, max, at any given time.
        2) Rejigger the scum Z-95 gear box into two, and split the templates up accordingly (so one box will have two templates, and the other will have one).

        It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I can come up with given what’s happened with ship overlap between factions.

  10. Axel says:

    You sir are a legent!

  11. Ray says:

    I see a mistake in MicroHangars_Rebels_v6_DIN.

    The YT-1300 icon is ricght-over Rebels icon.

    • SirWillibald says:

      πŸ™‚ Thanks for spotting, but this is on purpose. DarkPadawan did the original desing with the stacked icons and I kept it for the sake of unity and because I actually like it! You will find this on all bigger MicroHangars.

  12. Degrimo says:

    Hi Sir Willibald,

    As usual, I like the job you’ve done to regroup all the geaboxes on one file !

    Please note that on P33 of the english pdf version, the M3-A interceptor has the starviper illustration instead of it’s own. The german pdf is ok.

    I now look at the hangars !!!

  13. Paulo Castanho says:

    Excellent work. Congratulations.

  14. Rilien says:

    I’ve really enjoyed having your pilot boxes for my collection. They look great and help keep things well organized. Major kudos to you for your efforts!
    I take it that when Wave 8 (as well as future releases) comes available that you’ll make the appropriate boxes for those as well?

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks a lot!

      And yes, you’re right, more boxes will come once wave 8 has arrived. I’d even make some things in advance, but since there are no more specs graphics for the newer ships, I have to wait till I actually got them so I can take photos of the models.

  15. Dario says:

    You are a GENIUS! I am going to customize graphics but…wow great ideas. You have changed the way we play our xwing games πŸ™‚ Thx a lot

  16. Aaron says:

    Trying to run the GearBoxes v2.2 ENG LETTER and keep getting errors that it is not a recognized page size – can you confirm that it is set correctly for Letter?

  17. Malsiv says:

    These are amazing. Thank you for your excellent work.

  18. SolEatr says:


    Thanks a lot for this awesome stuff!
    I will use the cockpit for the next games. It’s really awesome.

    Thanks again, and may the force be with you!

  19. Doug says:

    I love these boxes to death.

    Would you mind sharing the font you use for gearboxes? I’m thinking I can temporarily create a (much crappier, surely) gearbox for the TIE/FO and T-70 expansions you haven’t had time for yet.

    Thanks for all your work!

  20. greg says:

    when i try to download it says the files are damaged and can’t be opened. What should I do?

    • SirWillibald says:

      Sorry for your problems, but the files are OK.

      A: Check my FAQ page, few hints and a mirror for archive files can be found there.

      B: Please help me investigate this problem and send me a mail sirwillibaldgmx.de:
      – Which file caused trouble?
      – How did you download it (save as… , open directly)
      – What is the exact error message and what program does it cause (browser, PDF reader, unzipped, else)? You’re welcome to provide me with a Screenshot.

      Thanks for your help, this is really annoying…

  21. Matt says:

    Thanks for the awesome tuck boxes. Took them to my first tournament and they got a lot of comments. The damage deck box was great for keeping them organized.

  22. Psyntologist says:

    These are great, but it would be very helpful to have the ability to pull only the schematics needed at that time. I don’t have the ability to print at the required paper weight and have to send the pdf to a local Copy & Print company, and it would be much more cost effective to only print the schematics I need rather than the whole pdf.

    Just a suggestion =)

    Keep up the stellar work you do for the community.

  23. Leon says:

    Hey buddy, those tuckboxes really come in handy, assembled a few of imperial and rebel ones, they’re working like a glove for me! but the A4 Scum file is corrupted, and i can’t find it on your dropbox. Thanks for the work buddy!

  24. Gabriel says:

    I canΒ΄t download X-Wing.GearBoxes.v2.2 ENG and Pilot Cards Boxes v5.0 ENG A4 πŸ™

    • SirWillibald says:

      Very sorry to hear that, please check my FAQ, this might help:

      If not, let me know! πŸ™‚

      • gadwag says:

        I’m having the same issues, and I’ve tried on multiple computers and operating systems (osx, ubuntu, windows 10). “GearBoxes v2.2 ENG A4” will not open, even in adobe acrobat reader. Could you reupload it and/or host it on dropbox?

        • SirWillibald says:

          @gadwag & @Leon:
          I really don’t have a clue why this happens, just downloaded all the files and I had no problems at all. Anyway, check the mirror link from my FAQ, I’ve added the X-Wing MicroHangar and GearBox files…

          Will give it a new try with wave 8, all boxes will be done again and merged into completely new files, perhaps this will help.

  25. Panda72 says:

    I love these! I just acquired a Gozanti and would love to have gear boxes for the carrier and the Ties, please. Appreciate all the work, it really helped my storage situation.

  26. Craig says:

    Stumbled across your site a few days ago and love the work you’ve done. It has been a grand (and cheap) improvement to my X-Wing collection. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work.

    I have noticed that the gear boxes for small ships are all the same size. However, some of the ships (TIE and TIE/FO core, Interceptor wave 2 for example) have a third ship token. Have you considered widening those boxes to allow for all 3 ship tokens, 2 bases and 2 maneuver dials? Like the varying sizes of pilot card boxes, it would add an option to keep all of each wave pieces in one place.

    Have a great day!

    • SirWillibald says:


      actually the GearBoxes are not exactly the same size, some of are designed to hold one or two additional ships tokens? But all of them are meant to hold only one base and one dial. Each box reads the pilot cards, that are meant to be put inside, therefore there you have to make two GearBoxes for the core game TIEs, both with an identical set of ship tokens (Makes sense, since there are two ships, as well). You should end up with one GearBox for each ship.

      • Craig says:

        Yes, now that I have completed all of the boxes it makes more sense. I had failed to count the double set of ship tokens in the core sets. It is much easier to see everything now that it is so well organized. πŸ™‚

        I did have one or two files that wouldn’t open. I downloaded them again and made sure that I only had one downloading at a time. Maybe that will help somebody else who are getting “bad files.”

        Excellent work. Thanks for your reply.

  27. Coen says:

    I really like the boxes.

    Could you please make MicroHangers and Gearboxes for the Huge ships?

    • SirWillibald says:

      I already gave it a try a few months ago, but had an epic fail. I’m currently working on the wave 2 hangars for Armada and managed to build a nice and sturdy box for the rather big Imperial Star Destroyer, I might be able to make epic hangars with this technique, just can’t say when. But it’s still on my list!

  28. Adam says:

    Hello, thank you very much for these, awesome work. One question: when will there be gearboxes for the new T70 and TIE/FO expansions?

  29. Josh says:

    Hey, I can’t seem to open any of the A4 ENG files for anything… Are they still available? πŸ™‚

  30. Craig Test says:

    when i go to open them it says they are all damaged so adobe wont open them

    • SirWillibald says:

      Sorry to hear, can you tell me exactly which file you’re having trouble with?

      • Craig says:

        sorry i figured it out. was being really dumb

        • SirWillibald says:

          No problem, glad it worked!

        • Alexander says:

          Could you let me know what the issue was? I can’t open them either and I can’t seem to figure it out…

          • SirWillibald says:

            Don’t know what Craig did, but read my first FAQ entry, perhaps this helps…

          • Alexande says:

            Commenting here because I can’t comment on your reply for some reason.

            I managed to open most of them, but there are three files I can’t open: GearBoxes v2.2 ENG LETTER, Upgrade Cards Boxes v5.0 ENG LETTER, and Pilot Cards Boxes v5.0 ENG LETTER.

            For the PDF, Adobe says the files is damaged and could not be repaired. For the two 7z files, 7-zip says something similar. I tried everything your FAQ said but it didn’t work for those three files. All other PDFs I was able to open.

            Vielen Dank!

          • SirWillibald says:

            Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, I’ll see if I can figure it out!

          • Alexander says:

            I’ve been able to open the Gear Boxes and the Upgrade Card Tuckboxes now, but I still can’t open the Pilot Cards 7-zip. I had a friend of mine download it on his own computer at his house, but he can’t seem to open it either. Could you send me the individual files or an alternate mirror by any chance?

            Thank you!

          • SirWillibald says:

            I give in, head over to my FAQ page, you’ll find a mirror link within the answer to “My downloaded file won’t open correctly!”

          • Alexander says:

            Vielen Dank fuer die Hilfe! Ich habe meine gesammte Sammlung bis auf die Pilotenkarten in die Boxen gesteckt, und jetzt kann ich endlich auch die Pilotenkarten verpacken!

            Ich glaube der Grund dass ich die nicht von dieser Webseite downloaden konnte was die Groesse. Es kann sein dass die Datein wegen der relativ langen Downloadzeit beschaedigt worden sind.

            PS Ich hab gerade erst gemerkt dass Sie auch Deutsch sprechen!

          • SirWillibald says:

            Gern geschehen, freut mich, dass es jetzt klappt! Und ja, ich spreche deutsch, schon seit Geburt an. πŸ˜‰

  31. Ray says:

    I didn’t see a Gear Box for the Nashtah Pup Plt. Z95 that comes with the Hounds Tooth. Can we get one for it? Thanks!!!!

  32. Oakos says:

    The boxes are awesome. I’ve just bought some ships for a start, and they fit really nice.
    However, when i try to download the MicroHangars for the new core set, the links for the English versions give me a text file named file-not-found.txt, which says “File not found or deleted from server”. The German version works.

  33. Art DeBorger says:

    When I try to unpack Pilot Cards Boxes v5.0 ENG LETTER I get a message that the file is corrupted. I’ve updated my copy of WinRAR to the latest version but still get the same message.

    I was able to download and unpack the A4 version with no problems.

    • SirWillibald says:

      God, damn, this is SO annoying! I don’t have a clue why this problem keeps popping up every now and then.

      Sorry, not angry at you, send me a mail and I’ll provide you with a mirror…
      sirwillibald gmx.de

  34. Kris says:

    Amazing work, i love the gear boxes. I have one request, could you make a gear box for the huge ships dials, a combo box for the gr75 and cr90 dials and a combo box for the Imperial raider and the the assault carrier when that ship is released.

  35. Dan says:

    Just a heads up, but the gearbox for the K-Wing has the wrong pilots listed on it.

  36. Degrimo says:

    Hi !

    X-wing double tray token box done and really usefull for storing as for playing ! And easy to do (as i ca do it… πŸ˜› )

    When you have time, can you actualise the minimaneuver file with the T-70 and the TIE/FO card please ?
    This is really helpfull for introducing the game to nex players for example !


    • SirWillibald says:

      Yes, I can, I’m just a bit reluctant to start working on it because I’ll havemto redesign some things to make room for the additional red maneuvers.

      And glad you like the TokenBox!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is there a mirror somewhere for the Pilot Cards Boxes v5.0 ENG A4 file? I’m having a really hard time downloading it off your server the download keeps timing out.

    The boxes look great, good work.

  38. RedSam says:

    When there is enough space on a page, could you include as many copies of each ship (I’m talking mostly about the MicroHangars) box? For example, in the TFA Core Set file, there is plenty of room on the T-70 page for another box. It would be nice to save paper.

    Either way, thanks for all the work you do! My whole collection of X-Wing ships is housed in your boxes.

    • SirWillibald says:

      Yes, I could do this, but I got a bunch of requests for half-filled pages to save ink :-/
      I figured the half-filled pages would be best, because people who want more hangars could simply reinsert the page into the printer and print the same side again on the other halve. This way you avoid ink waste AND paper waste.

  39. Degrimo says:

    Hi !

    Thanks for the New TFA core set boxes. They are amazing and you made them very quickly despite you can say. And what a cool idea this simple dices box !

    Regarding the many boxes made for each pilots type or upgrade cards, can i be interesting to have an oversized generic box in wich we can group 3 or 4 spΓ©cifics boxes to keep them together (based on your orignal gΓ©nΓ©ric boxes ?

    You made nice box for maneuver cards, but, as you proposed he minimeuver cards, can I find here the maneuver cards in your site ?

    As I know you have in mind a token box, I’m curious to see what you will propose, may be something inspired by your cockpit box ?

    Thanks again for all theses great materials you propose. Each time I talk about it to a new player I know, he is impressed and really interested. You must see your site frequentation regularly growing !

    • SirWillibald says:

      You’re welcome!

      I’ve currently adapting the Armada CarrierBoxes for this exact purpose. In fact you can already download and build them (see the Armada Special Boxes pages for more info) and wait for some fancy X-Wing themed sticker sheets to be ready!

      You can only find the MiniManeuverCards on my site, if you’re looking for the big ones, those aren’t done by me, they are somewhat scattered over BGG or the FFG forum.

      The token box is nearly ready, printing the lid prototype while I answer your questions. But it’s different from the cockpit holder, but in fact easier to build. And modular and highly adaptable. At least I hope so πŸ™‚

      And thanks for the promotion!

      • Degrimo says:

        Oh Yeah, carrierboxes are also great ! Download done and I sent you an MP about stickers !

        I’m really happy to share with friends and players all the good tools you propose to us.

  40. Danny Boyes says:

    Amazing work! I spent last night putting my meager collection into Microhangars and Gear boxes. Very therapeutic. The best thing is now I am able to fit more ships into my previous storage solution!

    Some bugs or feedback depending on how you look at it. The Lambda shuttle is listed in the A4 contents as page 22 but is on page 21. I only say this as I was trying to save paper and ended up printing the Firespray. I’ll just have to get Slave 1 now. πŸ™‚

    Many many thanks.

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks a lot, but this is no bug, FFG pays me for screwing up the page numbers so guys like you keep buying more stuff because you already accidentally printed a hangar πŸ˜‰
      Joking aside, well spotted, going to change that!

  41. GriftaUK says:

    Hi, is there a certain way to fit the Lambda shuttle into its hanger, as far as I’m aware all my print offs have been to 100% but i cant get the lambda to fit, best I get is it slides in at angle nose first but about 1cm of the tips of wings stick out the top? Could this just be mis print or is the a certain nak to it, thanks

  42. Degrimo says:

    Good evening,

    What an efficiency with storing all the game with your boxes! Really Great !
    With a friend of mine, we work hard to create boxes and more boxes !!

    As soon as you receive your “The Force Awakens” core box, you will see that the new X-Wings T70 has different sizes from the old T65 version ! For the core box as for the next extension, it will need a new sized box.
    Seems the TIE/FO hare same size as TIE hunters.

    And I don’t see any Gear box for the X-Wings T-65 extension (wave 1) with Wedge Antilles and friends !

    Enjoy your new X-Wings parties with TFA !

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback! πŸ™‚

      Yes, I figured the new X-Wing won’t fit the old hangasr *sigh*

      But for the Wedge & Co. GearBox: page 6 of v2.2 (X-Wing GearBoxes for Rebel Transport and Wave 1), isn’t that what you are looking for?

      • Degrimo says:

        Oh, yes, it is !

        I don’t know how I can manage to build boxes with such bad eyes !
        It must be because you explained well ! LoL

        Thanks, I go to produce it straight away !!

  43. Degrimo says:

    Hi again !

    May I suggest also when you decide to redesign hangars decorations to add a little place for personalisation ? If we have further ships, we can draw a color identification or a number or a letter, etc. to help choosing the right box/vessel quicky instead of searching in all boxes ?
    For example there is 3 interceptors colors (1 standard and 2x aces !) so 3 different hangars.
    We can do a mark on the box, it’s true, but it can be fun if there is a place for that on the hangar ?

    • SirWillibald says:

      You may suggest whatever you like, I just don’t promise to fulfill every single dream. But the fact that there are different versions of some ships already came to my mind. Think it’s time to add this to my list.

      Token boxes are planned, even nearly ready in my head… πŸ™‚

  44. Degrimo says:

    Hi again,

    Sorry but I can’t open the new upgrade cards boxes with this compressive file.
    Are you able to propose it in pdf as other files ?

    Thanks in advance for what you can do.

    • SirWillibald says:

      The problem is that there are so many boxes that an uncompressed file would have more than 50MB and my download manager plug-in doesn’t allow files that big. I used an open source zipper, you should be able to open with it: http://www.7-zip.org/ (WinRAR is able to open it, too)
      Let me know if it still doesn’t work!

      • Degrimo says:

        Hello !

        Thanks for solution proposed. A friend of mine managed to download all the boxes (they are nice, as usual !) so I have it.
        I have to upgrade my PC and Tools : Do you have a x-wing card for that ? lol !

        I keep looking on new boxes and hangar you will do (expecting the Force Awaken version soon, and a token box to organize them without searching too long for them while playing !)

        I hope you have also time to play after helping us with your shares !

  45. Anonymous says:

    The Wave VII boxes are too small for the ships.

    Do you know what percentage I should choose on the print window when printing so that the models will actually fit? Thanks.

  46. Claudio Mendes says:


    First of all, great job. The boxes are very useful. Thank you!

    The list of pilots on top of K-wing gearbox is the E-wing’s text.


  47. Degrimo says:

    Hello !

    Many thanks for the great job you do, I’m very impressed by your skills and knowledge about “shaping” (? “FaΓ§onnage in french !).

    As I have not seen it yet, may I suggest :

    – A box or somes boxes for all the tokens ? May be 1 with further places not to mix the many tokens existing for the game ?
    – A box for the bases of the ships (“socles” in french) to put all together or 1 for each ship ? (can be fix to each single hangar with an adhΓ©sive velcro). I like the thermoform idea wich add each vessel and his plastic base in the same protection as it can be in the extensions.
    – A box for movements guides ?
    – For thoses who are scared to break their squads, some hangars wich can contain extensions thermoforms plastic ?

    It can complete all the work you’ve done with a coherent schema.

    I’ll be happy to follow your new production with the “force awakening” core box and extensions.
    “Vielen Dank fΓΌr Alles !” ( Merci beaucoup)

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks for your nice comment!

      Box(es) for tokens are on my list, I recently designed a prototype for Imperial Assault, once it’s done I’ll see if it can adapted to X-Wing. Concerning the bases: That’s what the GearBoxes are for, to store base, peg, ship card & dial. I decided not to make a box for ships on their bases, this would simply take up too much space for my taste. Box for movement templates could be done, consider it added to my list. But I most likely won’t make boxes for the extension plastic cases, not only because I tossed all of them away but because they take up far too much space and the additional protection is not very significant in my opinion. Unless you step on a ships in its hangar the paper boxes offer more than enough protection.

      • Degrimo says:

        Thanks for answering so fast and considering all suggestions as you do (I saw that also with others posts !).
        I understand more how to use Gearboxes now ! I’ll be happ to see some photos in your site and it will be possible.
        And I understand your position about space taken by plastic !
        I will try to do my first hangar with some A4 paper 190g thick. (I did not understood well your advices in the FAQ about papers right choice, but this strength seem fine at first view for me)

        I’ll be happy to discover you next “production / creations !”

        • SirWillibald says:

          Oh, I completely forgot to add a showcase page for the GearBoxes, thanks for the hint! Another point on my ever-growing list… πŸ™‚
          190g should be good, I use 200g myself. Just give it a try, it’s really fun to build!

  48. GriftaUK says:

    Awesome equipment, recommended to friends I game with and they all love it as well, currently making them all up on imperial side as been looking for storage solution, just wondering is there any gear boxes coming for the new Tie Advanced in the Raider expansion as I have just got that one and looking and cant see any boxes for it yet, or have I just missed it?

    • SirWillibald says:

      No, you didn’t miss anything, I made no extra hangars for the variant X-Wing from the Transport or the Advanced from the Raider, since they fit perfectly in the standard X-Wing/Advanced hangars. Feel free to mark a standard hangar to know where to find the ships with alternative paint schemes. And perhaps I think again about separate hangars, since the Gozanti will have alternate TIEs as well… πŸ™‚

  49. Fabian says:

    Great initiative, fantastic results! It makes managing my collection so much easier and reduces the required volume greatly. Thank you very much for this.

  50. amarbus says:

    are you adding the gearboxes for X-Wing? Couldn’t see them on the list on the right.


  51. Greg says:

    Raider damage deck box coming soon?

  52. chubigans says:

    These look absolutely amazing. Fantastic work!!

  53. Trizz says:

    These tuckboxes are great and just what I was looking for for my ever expanding x-wing collection. A question though. Do the tuckboxes for cards leave enough breathing room for sleeved cards?

  54. Wolfgang says:

    Any chance you will update the files with wave VII microhangers. I have all of my ships in microhangers and will probably get wave VII ships soon.

  55. Jeff says:

    Any chance of getting hangers for the rebel transport and cr-90? I would make my own, but you do a great job.

    • SirWillibald says:

      To be honest, I gave up trying to build them. A cardboard hangar for the transport is possible, but already stretching it. The hangar for the CR90 would have to be splitvinto various sheets, that are glued together. It’s really a pain in the ass to work it out, and the result would be veeery flimsy. Perhaps I’m giving it another try with chipboard, but won’t promise anything…

      • Jeff says:

        Thank you for at least considering it. I just want something better than nothing.

        • TrivMastR says:

          I managed to make one out of bristol board, with a second sheet for support. It’s not as nice as these ones, but I do like having the whole fleet in matching boxes. I did the same for the Transports I had. It was mostly trial and error, and both sheets are far too large to print on one page of cardstock, but it can be done.


  56. Jon says:

    Is it possible to break the Upgrade download into smaller chunks? I seem to not be able to download the whole thing. I get parts of the download but will have corrupted PDFs in the zip folder. Thanks.

    • SirWillibald says:

      Damn, that happens every now and then, most people have no problems, but some have. I have NO clue why this happens (if anybody does, let me know).
      Have you already tried a second time? And saved instead of opening directly? And opened with Adobe Reader? No parallel downloads of other stuff? If it still doesn’t work, send me a mail to: sirwillibaldgmx.de

  57. Alaknar says:

    This is absolutely amazing! Getting myself some glue and 160 gr paper first thing in the morning!

    One question, though – are you planning on making these more “black and white”, “toner friendly”?

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks a lot, glad you like it!

      But no, since most of the boxes aren’t that ink heavy in general I currently don’t have any plans to do a complete new version πŸ™‚

  58. chopsuey says:

    thanks for sharing. very selfless this project is. great work mate.

  59. CORVAX says:

    Amazing webpage. Very userful! Thanks, and I will follow all your new updates and boxes.

  60. Kzaar says:

    I could almost cry.

    I have been using Battlefoam since the release of X-Wing Wave I and now that I have found your boxes I will not be making that mistake with Armada.

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