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  1. John Jameson says:

    Hello. Noticed your pilot cards boxes zip files for xwing does not work for some reason. any chance of getting them fixed or updated? if so could you please email me at so i can come back and re-download them in order to complete my collection of you excellent work? thank you.

  2. needmorespace says:

    Great boxes. Love them! Use a variety of them. When can we hope for the X-Wing Wave VIII boxes?

  3. Haukur says:

    Hey, love the boxes been making boxes all day and I love their design. Will you be adding boxes for the new heroes and class decks for Imperial Assaults Return to Hoth?

  4. Alexander says:

    How many X-Wing Large Ship tokens fit in one Large Ship Gear Box? I’m looking for a compact way to store my large tokens, and it downed on me that you might have a solution! I downloaded the files, but didn’t want to print out a bunch of them if it didn’t work out as planned. Would it be possible to make a box to store a good amount of each large ship token per box? One Imperial, Rebel and Scum related? I have storage for everything but those darn tokens!

    • SirWillibald says:

      Not that much, but I’m working on something new, trying to adapt the CollectorBox desing for dials and ship tokens, both small and large. Might take a while, though… 🙂

  5. argail says:

    thank you , your work is awesome, i found a small bug i thought i should inform you
    on battlelore armybox , both factions, deployment cards tuckbox , under the battlelore logo the line is straight (cut) where it should be mountain fold

    again thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Terence says:

    Absolutely Awsome, I love these boxes!
    Thanks for the hard work!

  7. Aranea Valon says:

    I am absolutely loving these. They work great and are pretty easy to print and assemble too

    I found a small mistake though: On the Gear Box for the TIE/fo Expansion ( not the core set TIE/fo’s ), You have the final pilot listed as “Epsilon Leader”, when it is actually “Omega Leader”

  8. M'any says:

    My downloaded ‘imperial assault’ files won’t open correctly. May you add french packs to your dropbox ?

    Thank you very much Sir.

  9. Nathan Pyle says:

    First, i want to say that i was recently pointed to your page here, and i love what you have done. Second, i really want to build the cockpit tray for x-wing, but as i am sure you know, its an extremely complex build. I may be feeling dense at the time i am writing this, but i just cannot figure out how it all assembles together. I have seen a couple of links for “instructions” but they just take me to your FAQ page. If you actually have instructions, is it possible to get them? Thank you so very much

  10. Art DeBorger says:

    Sorry to bring another problem to your attention….I know it must get frustrating. Rest assured that we all appreciate your hard work.

    I’m trying to open the Pilot Cards archive for X-wing but I keep getting a message that the archive is corrupt.

    C:\Users\Art\Downloads\X-Wing_TuckboxCollection_PilotCards_ENG_LETTER.7z: The archive is corrupt

  11. carl says:

    I have been trying to Download the Upgrade tuckboxes since yesterday. Download is only at around 100KB/s and seems to stop part way through.

    also, have you looked into making a generic upgrade tuckbox yet?

    • SirWillibald says:

      I answered your mail, further infos to be found there. Everybody else with this problem:

      You can’t imagine how annoying this is, I can’t reproduce the problem and a bunch of other people don’t have any problems, too. And a few other do. Feel free to contact me by mail to get an alternate download link.

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