All stuff you can find on my site comes absolutely free of any charge (including troubleshooting). It’s a work of love for me, so I didn’t even count the hours and efforts I put into all the various projects, but I’m more than OK with that. It’s fun and a great way to follow my hobby even when there’s no one around to actually play a game.

I won’t ever start selling any of my stuff, not only because of legal issues, but because I like sharing it for free. And all your nice and enthusiastic feedback proves that I’m right doing so. Nevertheless, every now and then somebody bothers me about the possibility to pay me for my efforts. Here’s the deal:

If you can’t stand the urge to throw me some bucks, you can do so by clicking the above button and donate any amount of your choice. In return I promise that I will use your donation to buy additional cardstock, ink, game components, webspace, and so on, to keep this website going. Furthermore, every contributor gets a bunch of print sheets with named tournament boxes for X-Wing as a token of my gratitude. Here’s a preview:


I’m not greedy, you’ll get the bronze version for every amount up to 10$, silver for donations up to 20$ and gold for donations over 20$. And of course each PDF will include all three factions as well as a generic one (the latter in multiple sizes) and each sheet will feature a name of your choice instead of “Sir Willibald”.

“No, that’s not fair, I don’t even play X-Wing!” Well, then hurry to your FLGS and change that! Joking aside, I don’t know if this idea will get any resonance at all, if so I’ll sure come up with something different in addition! Just drop me a note.

Thanks in advance and happy crafting and gaming,



2 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Patricio says:

    Im really impressed about your work.

    Congratulations and thank you very much.

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