X-Wing wave 8

Hi everybody,

took me long enough, but finally 26(!) new files are waiting for you below.

2016-04-12 20.04.38

2016-04-12 20.05.56

Changelog Microhangars
Changelog GearBoxes
Notes on the Ghost

That’s it, sorry for the delay, but as described above it was a huge effort. Next on my list is the redesign of my somewhat confusing website, I need some time away from boxes… Once the new site’s ready there’s more to come: Additional CollectorBoxes (for Pilot Cards, Maneuver Dials, Ship Tokens, Imperial Assault), EpicHangars (the first prototype is already done!), additional IA boxes, my new ModularMiniaturesBox (prototype nearly ready), additional language versions, …

And now have fun with the new stuff,


P.S.: Everything here still comes free of charge and that won’t change in the future. But should anybody of you feel the need to throw me a few bucks, feel free to donate. I’m grateful for every cent, since I don’t get ink, paper (I’m getting really close to the 1000 pages/year threshold, no kidding…), webspace and other things for free. By the way, I was only able to start supporting Imperial Assault because of my previous backers, thanks a lot! And another “Thank you” to all my other fans, who “only” delight me by making nice and flattering comments, I won’t be doing this anymore without you! 🙂

25 thoughts on “X-Wing wave 8

  1. Tomtom says:

    Hi! Are you still active? Are there wave 9 hangars and gearboxes to be expected?

  2. Art DeBorger says:

    I check you site often for new stuff. I hope your schedule allows you to return soon. I’m looking forward to your new stuff for X-Wing.

  3. Wulfgott says:

    This is some of the best work I have seen on your gear boxes and minihangers. Excellent job!

  4. Draconiscor says:

    Hi, great job, but i am not able to se veteran’s gearboxes. Where are them?

  5. Pierre says:

    Good day Sir.

    As usual always a pleasure to come back to your site and get some new dowloads^^.

    I was wondering about the gearboxes for the imperial veterans, I do not see them in WIP. Would you have a plan to release it?

  6. Mietek says:

    There is a small mistake in Inquisitor’s Tie Gearbox – top and front view silhouettes labels are mixed up

  7. XavierK says:

    These boxes sure do beat the plastic zip bags I’ve been using for my tokens and cards. Keep up the fantastic work; it is certainly appreciated!

  8. Pierre says:


    As I said awesome work you have done and it is every time a pleasure to come back to your site and check what’s new.

    I seem to have a problem downloading the files for hangar and gearboxe, the download finished before the all file is downloaded and I end up with a corrupted file unopenable. I tried to DL the wave 8 microhangar like 10 times to no avail.

    I already had this problem with the older version of the website, but I manged somehow at that time.

    I am using Chrome and tried with edge too, no luck.

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks for you praise!

      Very sorry about your download problems, please check my FAQ, first entry. Some tips there and if nothing works a mirror link to my DropBox. Hope this helps. let me know if not!

  9. bluerook17 says:

    Thank you so much for these! 🙂 I’ve been using them to store my ships and it’s been perfect for me.

    Out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of the Ghost’s hangar box?

  10. Spankmeister says:

    Hey man,

    Love your work they keep all my ships snug!

    I am trying to download your new wave 8 tuckboxes but I keep getting an unable to read error in chrome and acrobat

  11. McT says:

    Pure awesomeness! Thank you.

    FYI, Scum Gearbox link actually gets you the Scum Microhanger file.

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