Armada and X-Wing update.

Hi everybody,

it has been a bit quiet here because I had (and have…) some technical Problems with the website. But since I already have some new material I figured it best to share it nevertheless.



The MiniManeuverCards have been updated to v4.0 Numerous changes:

  • Added TFA ships, Imperial Assault Carrier and all of wave 8.
  • Because the new maneuvers come with broader maneuver tables (those in the rule Sheets) I had to adapt them. I took the chance and enhanced all(!) maneuver tables with hi-res scans, unified color schemes and some new ship artworks.
  • Page size changed to new unified page format.

Additional language would be easy to create, just let me know!


2016-02-03 23.46.54 2016-02-04 00.01.05

I designed a new CollectorBox to store all upgrade cards at once, that spares you the need to open numerous boxes. A Picture says a thousand words:

The box comes in 6 different sizes, three single-rowed and three double-rowed. The picture shows the middle size (M) single-row box. The double-rowed L box holds 400 Cards if you want to be able to flip through them comfortably, otherwise you can easily add another 100 Cards. You’ll find infos about the capacity of each box within the archive file.

There’s no fancy illustrated step-by-step guide (yet) due to the above mentioned technical problems. But fear not, the build is really easy and straightforward, I’ve labeled all glue flaps and named all parts to make it easier for you. However, should you run into trouble, just let me know!

And yes, I’m already working on an X-Wing design for this new box and a version for the Imperial Assault command cards is planned, as well.

That’s it for now, more to come!

Happy crafting,


8 thoughts on “Armada and X-Wing update.

  1. Toyotawolf says:

    Please do make the collector box for X-wing, this is brilliant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the new boxes to hold the upgrade cards, I am curious if something like this might be applied to ship and squadron cards and pilot cards for xwing, all around i love that box with separators 🙂

    • SirWillibald says:


      And yes, it’s at least worth a try. 🙂
      I’m already working on a version for X-Wing upgrade cards and thought about the other cards myself. Will take a look as soon as I have some time, currently working on a big website update…

  3. Etienne BEUREUX says:


    I’m a big fan of your boxes and I’d like to know if you intend to do a Damage cards box for the Gozanti Imperial Carrier ?

    Thanks in advance for all the hard work.


    • SirWillibald says:

      Thanks! No, I don’t intend to do it, it’s already done, just needs some proof reading! 🙂

      • Etienne BEUREUX says:

        Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to it !

        I’m currently building some Gearboxes and Microhangars to fit in a custom foamcore insert I’m doing to have a travel X-Wing box (using the core box).


  4. Fabian says:

    I’ve been checking your page quite regularly lately to see if you added the gearboxes for the separate Tie F/O and X-wing T70, but haven’t seen those anywhere. Is that an oversight or is this planned when the next wave will be available? There are some dials lying around here waiting for a more permanent storage solution ☺

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