Small Armada Update

Hi everybody,

not that much this time, upgraded the Armada MicroHangars to v2.1:

  • It turned out that I’ve been somewhat excessive in reducing the thickness of the fold lines, I got some reports that they were barely visible anymore. Sorry, all fold lines have been increased in their strength. Hope it works now.
  • On special request I’ve added a slightly higher Firespray hangar for those of you that don’t want to throw the ship loosely into the box (for example if it has been painted). The box with standard measurement remains, as well.
  • The Mark II MicroHangar has been redesigned. Upon recommendation I’ve bought one of the amazing Really Useful Boxes, which seem to be made for my Armada stuff. Only Problem was the MkII Hangar, about 2mm to high. Since I never really liked the crude angle at which you had to put it inside the hangar I did a new one. The new hangar is not only marginally lower but you can put the MkII into it in its normal position. No clue why I didn’t do this in the first place…

The GearBoxes will get better fold lines, as well, probably secretly and quietly, because the next update will take a few more days. But it will be awesome… At least I hope so…

Happy crafting,


6 thoughts on “Small Armada Update

  1. Omphaloskeptic says:

    Were you still planning to redo the gear boxes with darker lines? Please, please don’t think I’m trying to rush you. I was just wondering if I should print the existing version in case you decided not to revise them.

  2. Jashugan says:

    Hello, already here if you need a French translation 🙂

  3. Bill B. says:

    Any pictures of your stuff in the Really Useful Box? I may order one, as I’m growing out of the core box.

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