Armada Wave 2!

Hi everybody,

got some new material, which took me longer than I thought, but I think it was worth waiting.



Armada Wave 2 arrived at my home and all MicroHangars and GearBoxes are done, including a quite sturdy box for the Imperial Class Star Destroyer, I was really afraid of this one. You can find some more info on the MicroHangar page (scroll down a bit), including a link to a detailled step-by-step instruction for the ISD hangar.

There’s only one PDF file for each language version, since I started converting my Armada files to an automated workflow (like X-Wing, so much easier to use and so much easier to add additional language versions). Unfortunately there is a downside to this workflow, since it produces only one hangar per page, resulting in some half filled pages. Really sorry, but the manual positioning of each box became simply too time-consuming (I’m having some other games on my list, as well…).

But I tried my best to ease your potential pain by:

  1. Placing the box on one edge, so you can simply rotate the paper 180° and put it back into your printer to print on the other half.
  2. Adding an additional ZIP version containing each print sheet as a separate PNG file with transparent background. With some basic skills you can now easily build your own print sheets of any desired size. Yes, I intend to do this for all boxes from now on.

Furthermore I ditched the two different page formats (US letter and A4) for Armada, too, everything now comes in my unified page format which prints on both paper sizes (at 100% print size as usual).

There will be an update for the card boxes, but I wanted to share the MicroHangars and GearBoxes in advance, so have fun and as usual feel free to bother me with questions or feedback,


6 thoughts on “Armada Wave 2!

  1. Jesse says:

    Simply incredible. You are amazing!

  2. Banjobenito says:

    Genius, Sir Willi! Congratz on another great community resource!

  3. Omphaloskeptic says:

    Thanks so much SirWilli. Is there a reason that the lines on this one are so thin and light? It’s a bit hard to cut accurately that way.

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