IA in Spanish! The undead arrive! And other stuff…

Hi everybody,

long time no see, sorry, kind of short on free time at the moment. Therefore my todo list got longer. Again. Damn. But here are some new little things:


FactionSheet_UndeadThe undead are among us for quite some time now, figured it’s time to start opening the doors and let them in. I’ve started with updated FactionSheets that feature all undead units now, as well (including an updated backside). More to come.

Imperial Assault

Lots of little things changed or added:

  • New language version: Spanish!
  • Do-it-yourself kit to make fancy lids for your ModularTokenBoxes. Inside you’ll find jpg and psd files with artwork to match my CardboxCollection. Furthermore there are two different lids available, the one already known from the blank version and another version to make a matchbox cover. Like it even better, personally. Oh, and some scans from various tokens and a free font.
  • Added new class boxes for Twin Shadow stuff (ENG only for now, rest will follow later once available).
  • Changed paper size for all language version to new unified format (see FAQ).
  • Additional box sizes for Agenda and Item Cards.
  • Renamed one box: Rule Sheets –> Mission Sheets (makes more sense).
  • Added capacity information to big card boxes.


Corrected a bug on the english GearBox for the K-Wing (wrong pilots).

Generic material

The above mentioned matchbox style cover has been added to the blank ModularTokenBox. Furthermore I created the pdf file in another way, hopefully eliminating issues with some devices (file was messed up on phones/tablets). That’s the reason behind the increased file size.


I’ve added a new fanwork section where I’ll host stuff that you have created with my templates and are willing to share. Feel free to send me your work!

Furthermore I decided to make my todo list public to let you know what I’m working on (WIP=WorkInProgress) and what bugs already caught my attention. The page comes in two languages at the same time to spare me updating two different pages.

2 thoughts on “IA in Spanish! The undead arrive! And other stuff…

  1. Toyotawolf says:

    Will you be creating micro hangars and gear boxes for the wave 2 Armada ships? Just got mine and curious when I can start storing them lol.

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