A bunch of new stuff.

Hey everybody,

I’m fed up with collecting new material, figured it was time for an update, here we go:

2015-10-05 16.41.46ModularTokenBox

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, a easy and versatile solution to handle all the tokens that come with games like X-Wing and Imperial Assault. I’ve tossed several ideas but now I’ve found a solution that satisfies me, hope you like it, too! I present to you the new ModularTokenBox! For starters you’ll find only the plain white generic one, I’m working on some fancy stickers for the various games. Much like the stickers for the Armada CarrierBoxes, so you can start building right away and add them later!

Unbenannt-1CarrierBoxes – X-Wing retrofit

By popular request (and because I wanted to do it anyway) I made a little sticker set for the Armada CarrierBoxes with X-Wing design. Great to store your upgrade or pilot card boxes! See for yourself.

New language version for X-Wing: Italiano

Thanks to my new workflow adding new language versions is quite easy now (at least for the card boxes, MicroHangars and GearBoxes are not automated yet), and thanks to the help of Raffaele the italian players now are my guinea pigs. Please be gentle, it’s not complete yet, I’ll add further stuff little by little. Other foreign players who like to have a localized version are welcome to contact me!

New unified page format

I’ve changed the page format tentatively to spare me a big bunch of work (if it works as desired). Until now I made PDF files for both A4 and US letter size with respect to the different conventions. I’m happy to do that, but it’s becoming more and more time consuming.

From now on, all new materials wil have a unified page format of 210x279mm, which should be the common denominator of both formats. This shouldn’t mean any difference for you, since you only have to make sure to print at 100% without any scale like before. The new format fits on both paper sizes and therefore I see no problem with this approach. Please let me know if I’m wrong!

Long story short: Don’t wonder about any missing page sizes, simply print at 100% as usual.

General website changes

I’ve rearranged the side bar menu since it became more and more crowded. I’ve reduced each game to only two subitems, “Showcase” and “Download area”. You’ll find the old links to all project sites by klicking on the showcase link. The game title will lead you to the publisher’s page. Please report any errors!

In addition there’s a new item for “Generic material”, which consists solely out of the new ModularTokenBox. For now…

Have fun,


4 thoughts on “A bunch of new stuff.

  1. Seanith says:

    I have printed out about a dozen sets of these boxes on card stock and made 3 boxes so far for SW:IA and it holds every token so far in the game as well as places for the new tokens that will come with Return to Hoth when it releases.

    Next I want to work on modifying your condition tuck box to include the weaken condition introduced in twin shadows.

    Thank you for creating this and getting my gears turning.

    • SirWillibald says:

      Thank you! Feel free to modify the condition cards box, I won’t change the design to accomodate for new conditions, adding an additional card to the layout would kill my entire workflow which is build around the automated replacing of three cards. I’ll just take the three cards on the box as a placeholder once I start adding new cards inside.

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