X-Wing: The new core set!

Hi everybody,

it took me a while because it’s been significantly more work than I figured, boy, that were A LOT of pdf pages to build.

The new X-Wing core set “The Force Awakens” has found it’s way to me and I present to you a big bunch of updates and expansions! One word on the color scheme: From now on all boxes with material for the two new factions will get the new blue logo, the old boxes will stay red. Coming expansions for the classic factions will stick with the red logo, too. This made the most sense to me and you can tell the timeline by first look. I did a few boxes in blue and red, just in case someone likes one color better than the other. That’s it, take a look, sadly without new pictures, I really want to publish this without further delay.

MicroHangars & GearBoxes

For about a week I get requests for those on a daily basis. No, I’m not bothered, in fact this makes me happy, but I’m not as fast as I’d like to be. And good things come to those who wait.

Putting the ships inside the new TFA hangars shouldn’t be a problem, they are basically the same as before. The X-wing box is a bit bigger and I even tweaked the old TIE Fighter box just a tad, even less rattling around. The new GearBoxes feature not only the TFA ships but also the long forgotten TIE Advanced from the Imperial Raider. I simply put all of them in a single new file, I’m going to merge everything together later.

Damage Cards

Of course you can fit the new damage deck into the old box, but that would look awful, let’s honest. Therefore you’ll find additional TFA versions of the standard tuckbox and the dispenser box. Furthermore a typo on the Rebel Transport damage deck box has been corrected.

Upgrade cards boxes

I know, my updates have a rather short half life at the moment, but FFG finally assigned official category designations for the various upgrade types! Changes:

  • All titles adapted to the official titles from TFA reference book.
  • New box for “Tech” (with an optional version with red logo).
  • Generic boxes with optional blue logo.
  • Removed further unnecessary sizes, let me know if you miss a specific size.

Pilot cards boxes

Only a little update here, added pilot card boxes for the T-70 and the TIE/FO. Since there are no schematics around I tried my best to do them on my own, but without any labels. Think I mentioned this before. For better survey I created a single archive file for each language version.

Reference card box

Forgot to update this with wave 7, but even now I merely changed the listing on the back.

Other things

Not much, I got a personal request from a fellow player who asked me if I could do a simple dice box, same size as upgrade cards size 4. Yes, I could, and I did. You can find it in the SpecialBoxes section.

That’s it, I think, have fun with the new material (download area on the right) and let me know if you find any mistakes!


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  1. Juan Pablo Munoz says:

    Thank you very much Christian for that personal favor tomorrow will be printing the special boxes i asked for.

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