X-Wing CardHolder “Cockpit” released!

Okay, I had no intention of doing this at all, but I got so much great feedback for the Armada CommandBridge and quite a few requests to do this for X-Wing as well. It’s done.

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As you can see, there are different version, this will be explained in detail here. Have fun!

Some website changes were explained in the last update, didn’t send a note the X-Wing only fans. Scroll down if you like to know more.

Some little updates.

Hi everybody, update time!


I’ve updated all Armada GearBox files to new versions. From now on all boxes feature the icons of the ship’s defense tokens. Should make clean-up a lot easier. Thanks to Arbitrary Gamer and Stephen Rochelle from BGG for this idea and thanks to err404 from BGG, who did the icon font. This was very helpful!


Contributor’s present

No update without a nice picture, here we go:


Since I had my first contributor recently I thought of a way to say thank you. I came up with this, all further details can be found on the new contribute page.

Printing issues

I’ve added a warning text to the download area concerning printing at 100% as this is by far the most common problem from various users. Furthermore I’ve begun adding proof squares (sorry if this is a bad phrase) in cm and inch to each file’s cover page. If you print the first page and measure the result you can easily tell if everything will have the correct size. Hope this works as intended. I will add this to all the other files little by little, too.


From now on the changelogs will be added to the cover pages, too, instead of listing them on the corresponding showcase pages. I’ve started to lose track of them.


The FAQ section got a complete revision. All answers are hidden by default, should make it easier to find something. I encourage everybody who has a question or needs some basic building advice to take a look, judging from some questions I receive not everybody is already aware of this. And feel free to bother me with further questions!


X-Wing Update

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Me again,

I’ve finished uploading all existing X-Wing stuff, the MicroHangars and GearBoxes can now be found here, too. Very minor changes only, the Interceptor GearBox from the Aces expansion listed one pilot too much. Everything else is the same as before on BGG.

So it seems I’ve got time to do X-Wing CardHolders…


Christian aka SirWillibald

Big X-Wing (and minor Armada) update!


I’ve added a big bunch of updated and new files to the X-Wing section (did a little Armada update, as well). As usual, you’ll find (mostly) everything in english (A4 and letter) and german, even  though the preview pictures show only the english version. The showcase page for the tuckboxes has been updated, too.

X-Wing: Pilot Cards v3.0

Screens2 Screens

The boxes for the pilot cards got a face-lift to match my new standard design in terms of layout of the box sides (each side shows the box content) and front/back side (changed front and back, matching all the other boxes around here). The german version now features translated quotes.

They still come in generic versions and ships specific versions in up to four different sizes (preview picture shows size 2). I omitted a few sizes I had done for v2.0 because they seemed simply ridiculous. Please let me know if your collection exceeds the available size for any given box.

The former combined boxes for big/epic ships have been splitted to separate boxes for each big ship and one combined box for epic ships, due to popular demand.

X-Wing: Upgrade Cards v3.0

Screens3Same facelift as for the pilot cards boxes. Nothing more, but boy, this was really time consuming…
All boxes still come in four sizes, even though this means you’ll probably find some dumb ones (size 4 hardpoints, for example), but the pdf was easier to make this way.

X-Wing: Tournament Box v1.0

Screens4This one is new! A single size 1 box to carry all pilots for a tournament list to the next event. No need to take all of your pilot card boxes and no need to bag up everything in lame plastic bags or something like this, but rather in a fancy box to show off.

I did two different versions: One completely generic (for people who want to build only one box) and three faction specific boxes. I even tried to come up with some cool names, hope I succeeded.

Let me know what you think! Either here, on BGG or the FFG forum.

Armada: CardHolder “CommandBridge” v1.1

Thanks to Lyraeus from the FFG forum who noticed that the CardHolder does not have any nice folding arrows, I’ve updated the file. Because those arrows need some space I had to significantly rearrange everything, hope I didn’t miss anything. The holder remains unchanged otherwise.


Christian aka SirWillibald

Armada Wave 1 – Squadron boxes!


even though I’m still waiting for wave 1 to be released in germany, with the help of a fellow player on the FFG forum I managed to finish the squadron MicroHangars for wave 1. Head over to the download area.

Inside each file you’ll find both versions for generic boxes only and versions that include one named box.

Have fun,


X-Wing DiceBox!

Hi everybody,

X-Wing_DiceBox_MainX-Wing got it’s own DiceBox, check it out on the showcase page or download it directly. Another step-by-step instruction site is available, too.

In addition, a few more updated tuckboxes have been added to X-Wing (tuckboxes for reference cards and for maneuver cards). There’s no showcase page for them, yet, going to add this later (have to build them first to take some photos).



X-Wing section launched!

20150508_112125From now on you will find my work for X-Wing here, as well. Rather than simply copying everything from BGG I decided to do some improvements and additions on the way. Therefore I will add everything over time and not at once.

I started with the damage deck boxes 2.0, the design has been adapted to the Armada boxes in terms of placement of various elements. Furthermore I added an X-Wing damage dispenser.

Have fun,


First Update

2015-04-30 21.57.42 2015-04-30 21.58.03 2015-04-30 22.01.38

There’s a new section for Armada: “SpecialBoxes”.

There you’ll find the well-known DiceBox and the all new CardHolder! See for yourself.

Happy crafting,



Hello fellow boardgame hobbyists!

Some of you might already know my board game projects like various tuckboxes or foamboard accessories from BoardGameGeek, but I figured it was time to give all those precious projects a common home.

For now you’ll find only my stuff for Star Wars: Armada (check the first menu item to the right), mainly because I’m still busy designing boxes for this great game, but I will add existing and upcoming stuff for this and other games in the near future, you’re welcome to check back or subscribe to my newsletter.

The main reason I already published this rather empty site is because I uploaded my new Armada Dice Box on BGG and it needed some building instructions. Since I already did those in german on this site it was easier to translate it than to do another instruction on BGG. Hope you don’t mind. In the long run I hope to spare me some work updating the various forum posts with new stuff and instructions. It will be easier to have it all here. But of course I’ll still upload everything to BGG, as well, perhaps with less explanations.

I’ve already begun to collect all common instructions, hints, tips, troubleshootings into a single site. Please take a look if you want to know anything about how to build my stuff. It’s even more comprehensive than before, when everything was scattered over various sites, posts, mails and messages. Hope it helps!

Please don’t hold back your feedback, either concerning any project or this site, I’m grateful for everything!

Have a great time, happy crafting,

Christian aka SirWillibald