Imperial Assault – TuckboxCollection update


the ImperialAssault TuckboxCollection has been completely rebuilt, I’ve adapted it to my new workflow (see previous entry). Important changes:

  • All boxes come in different sizes to be prepared for expansions.
  • On the print sheets of the small boxes you’ll find a note about how much cards (FFG sleeved) each size can hold approximately. Or simply measure your pile. You won’t find this note on the big box sheets, I simply forgot it. Going to change this with the next update.
  • The complete collection is available in italian and french language (thanks to Sportacus and Wells from the FFG forum)!
  • There are no more print sheets with multiple boxes per page. I’m sorry, but my new automated workflow produces them and I’m immensly grateful for all the time and effort it saves me. Before that I arranged each single page manually(!), which became far too time consuming with the growing number of “supported” games. Hope you don’t mind, at least I’ll have more time for creative stuff in the future. And you can always turn a half printed page around and print another box on the other half!

The SpecialBoxes Collection will be rebuild, too (and enhanced with additional languages). Stay tuned.
EDIT: Done, updated, too!

Because all boxes have been built again from scratch (with no significant design changes) I’m sure there are a few errors that I overlooked. I beg your pardon if you find anything, the process was a real mammoth project, please drop me a note!

Have fun,


X-Wing – New Tuckboxes


a small but powerful X-Wing update, I’ve got a fantastic tip from FFG-User sportacus which allowed me to automate Photoshop with the help of an Excel file (been working on this the last few days). I’m now able to build the PDF files in a fraction of the time I needed before with MUCH less dumb work. This means bugfixes and future additions will be easier as well, and even adding additional language versions is a piece of cake by now…

I’m really hooked since this means I’ll have more time for creative things like designing new stuff!

The big version leap comes from the drastic backstage changes, there are no real design changes, but I’ve added a few additional boxes. I’ve also deleted some of the ridiculous sized boxes, if you’re missing a specific size, just let me know!

Tuckboxes for upgrade cards v4.0

  • New generic boxes for small collections
  • Additional boxes for faction specific and epic crew cards
  • Additional boxes for elite cards, split by costs
  • Additional boxes for modifications (big ships, epic)
  • No more quotation marks on the backside, wanted to change them into english ones, but this doesn’t seem to work with the automation process.

Tuckboxes for pilot cards v4.0

  • Additional boxes for wave 7 (K-wing, TIE Punisher, Khiraxz Fighter and YV-666) and imperial epic ships(*)
  • Small bugfixes

Tuckboxes for tournament stuff v2.0

  • Additional boxes for upgrade cards (tournament box design)

Have fun and please report any mistakes. All PDF files are build completely(!) new and because of that there might be something wroing.



(*) There are no specs graphics around for neither the Raider or the Gozanti, and since I don’t own the Raider (yet…) I’m currently unable to make some graphics on my own. If you own the Raider and know something (not much) about macrophotography, feel free to contact me.

Imperial Assault & X-Wing updates!

Hi everybody!

I’ve got plenty of new material, the MicroHangars and GearBoxes for X-Wing wave 7 are ready and I proudly present a complete new section dedicated to Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

X-Wing – Wave 7

2015-09-04 09.29.04 2015-09-04 09.32.22

I’ve already teased this on the FFG forum, but now I’m finally done! Took a bit longer than expected, the Khiraxz and the K-wing refused to fit. I had to put them into the box at an angel to prevent them from rattling around. And because there are (nearly) no more fancy specifications graphics for the new ships to be found online, I decided to make them completey on my own from now on. But I won’t add any descriptions, would have to make up stuff, which seems dumb. I decided to go with three different views. Hope you are OK with this.

Additional pilot cards boxes are coming, too!

Imperial Assault

2015-08-23 16.34.03 2015-08-18 15.16.02

Actually I had no intention of buying this at all, not that I didn’t like it, but with X-Wing and Armada my hobby budget is nearly depleted. Furthermore my wife told me something about having too many boardgames anyway. Does anybody know what she means? How can one have too many boardgames, honestly, I don’t get it…

Whatsoever, thanks to my various contributors, who pressed the donate button out of sheer gratitude, I was able to buy IA without further marriage disturbances (can I say that in english?). My dear contributors, I’m honestly very grateful!

As a token of my gratitude I started this new section, for the time being there a bunch of simple tuckboxes and special cardboxes for all the cards, clik on the links to get more infos on the particular Showcase pages. More things to come, some of already in development (token boxes, card holders, …).

I hope you have fun with the new stuff, I look forward to any feedback. And whoever wants to support me with a little donation, feel free to do so, I’d be delighted and most grateful!

Happy crafting and stay tuned, more to come,


Armada & Battlelore updates!

My list keeps getting smaller (at the moment…)

Star Wars: Armada

The french version of the wave 1 hangars has been completed (squad hangars!) and the french core set hangars have been slightly updated (bigger squad hangars with new design elements). Sorry for the delay, had to rebuild from scratch due to loss of my master file.


Not that much Battlelore fans around here? Nobody told me until now that the cut and fold lines from the dispenser boxes are nearly invisible. Again, sorry, uploaded a new version.

Have fun!


Battlelore ArmyBoxes

Hello everybody,

I have various things nearly completed at the moment and since X-Wing wave 7 is looming on the horizon I’ll do some smaller updates the next few days (hopefully). Today:


It took me at while, but now I’m satisfied and happy to present the Battlelore ArmyBox:

2015-08-04 14.05.08 2015-08-04 14.05.25

More details (incl. building instructions) on the new site, files as usual to be found in the download area (including english tuckboxes, of course).




Battlelore and Armada updates!

Battlelore 2nd Edition

2015-07-21 17.19.24 2015-07-21 17.14.39

May I introduce: The all new Battlelore CardHolder “Command Base” and the corresponding FactionSheets, that replace the original unit cards. More info on the corresponding pages.


I’ve uploaded a new version of the CarrierBoxes. The spacers for upgrade card boxes storage are now available in size 8 and 10, as well.

And if you dislike the amount of space the squad hangars require and if you don’t mind tossing multiple squads on their bases into a single box, here’s the solution: I designed four simple columns to be glued into the corners of any given CarrierBox, which converts the box into a single big messy hangar with a proper closing lid. I have to admit that I’m more impressed with the rather significant saving of space (see last picture) than I thought I would be in the first place. But I don’t know if I’m still impressed once the ships are painted. Nevertheless, choose whatever you like better.

2015-07-23 11.11.38 2015-07-23 11.11.56 2015-07-23 11.17.05


Armada wave 1 hangars complete!


Wave 1 ship hangars

2015-07-06 10.42.28 2015-07-06 10.42.57

Wave 1 hangars for Armada are ready, meaning there are now additional tuckboxes for the Gladiator class star destroyer and the Mark II Assault Frigate (the fold lines on the MkII box aren’t that prominent in the final file, don’t worry).

Squad hangar update

2015-07-07 07.15.31Furthermore all squad hangars (including those from the core game) have been updated!

The height has been increased by 2mm (you should still be able to stack two of them into the core game box), my B-wing squads all fit perfectly now. In addition, the named pilot boxes got some additional artwork and text making it easier to recognize the pilot (by including the name) and the defense tokens belonging to him (by adding defense token symbols).

One word concerning the layout of the print sheets:

The wave 1 hangars feature two sheets for each squadron hangar:

  1. Two generic hangars on one page
  2. One generic and one named hangar on one page

This way you can print what you need, if you own only one squadron box you probably choose version 2, if you own additional squadron boxes to bolster up your forces version 1 would be the way to go. Hope everybody is OK with this solution.

Please be gentle if I messed anything up, it was really tedious to make all the pages for the pdf files, can’t promise that nothing went wrong in the process. Just let me know and I’ll change it.

The french version will follow soon, just waiting for a few translations.

And a big Thank You…

…to all of you who have contributed to my project so far! I’m really, really grateful and even though all (most, check your paypal mail adress) of you already got a special X-Wing tournament box with individual signature I wanted to express my gratitude in public, too. Whoever wants to join my little contributors’ club, go ahead, infos can be found here. I’d even be willing to make a non X-Wing thank you box (Armada, Battlelore), just let me know!

Happy cutting,


Battlelore section started!

Hello everybody,

Armada wave 1 still hasn’t found its way to my home, therefore I dedicated some time to an entire new section: Battlelore 2nd Edition! Take a look:


2015-06-18 00.01.24Boxes for command and lore cards. Go here for infos.


2015-06-22 12.38.38Storage solution for painted minis. Infos here.



Already online on BGG for some time, now here, too.

Hope you have fun with the new stuff, question and feedback are welcome as always.


CardHolder Updates.


two little things, a typo in the english version of the Armada CardHolder “Command Bridge” has been corrected and additional damage card slots have been added for the swarm version of the X-Wing CardHolder “Cockpit” (optional). There are a few more explanations under “Variant 3 – Swarm cockpit” on the CardHolder page. Unfortunately I’m out of paper and ink at the moment and our mail company went on strike so there’s no new picture this time.