So long…

My shortest blog post ever, and the last one on this somewhat crowded page.

I’ve just launched my new website, come and take a look at

I stripped this page of all downloads but will keep it in archive mode for now, until I’ve found a way to preserve all your enthusiastic feedback. Thanks a lot, I really hope you stick with me!


X-Wing wave 8

Hi everybody,

took me long enough, but finally 26(!) new files are waiting for you below.

2016-04-12 20.04.38

2016-04-12 20.05.56

Changelog Microhangars
Changelog GearBoxes
Notes on the Ghost

That’s it, sorry for the delay, but as described above it was a huge effort. Next on my list is the redesign of my somewhat confusing website, I need some time away from boxes… Once the new site’s ready there’s more to come: Additional CollectorBoxes (for Pilot Cards, Maneuver Dials, Ship Tokens, Imperial Assault), EpicHangars (the first prototype is already done!), additional IA boxes, my new ModularMiniaturesBox (prototype nearly ready), additional language versions, …

And now have fun with the new stuff,


P.S.: Everything here still comes free of charge and that won’t change in the future. But should anybody of you feel the need to throw me a few bucks, feel free to donate. I’m grateful for every cent, since I don’t get ink, paper (I’m getting really close to the 1000 pages/year threshold, no kidding…), webspace and other things for free. By the way, I was only able to start supporting Imperial Assault because of my previous backers, thanks a lot! And another “Thank you” to all my other fans, who “only” delight me by making nice and flattering comments, I won’t be doing this anymore without you! 🙂

X-Wing CollectorBox Upgrades

X-Wing CollectorBox for upgrade cards

No, no wave 8 hangars yet, still waiting for my ships, but here’s something else to keep you busy:
2016-03-24 00.37.11

Because my website is being overhauled behind the scenes there’s no illustrated instruction page, yet, you’ll find it on my new page ASAP. The box is identical to the Armada version and building it is quite straightforward, all parts are labeled.

If you’re in desperate need of an instruction, please wait a little bit longer, photos are done, it’s just too much work to add it here AND on my new page. I hope you understand.

Some fold lines are barely visible because of the artwork, simply score in the middle of the artwork bar. It’s really easy. Download to be found on the X-Wing download page under “Special boxes” (yes, this is going to be more cleary laid out soon).

Let me know if you encounter any problems or bugs,

happy crafting,


X-Wing GearBoxes v3.0 & Damage Deck Boxes v5.0


I’ve finally had some time to upload the GearBoxes v3.0, sorry for the delay.

All ships released so far are now included, due to the automated pdf creation there’s only one box per page, sorry. But to ease your pain I did an additional archive with separate PNG files, as promised. This way you can make your very own print sheets.

That’s it for now, more to come, but I’m currently very busy with a complete redesign of my website. Stay tuned!

Happy crafting,

EDIT: Sorry, completely forgot to add the new Damage Deck Boxes v5.0, now including the Gozanti! Sorry for that.

Armada and X-Wing update.

Hi everybody,

it has been a bit quiet here because I had (and have…) some technical Problems with the website. But since I already have some new material I figured it best to share it nevertheless.



The MiniManeuverCards have been updated to v4.0 Numerous changes:

  • Added TFA ships, Imperial Assault Carrier and all of wave 8.
  • Because the new maneuvers come with broader maneuver tables (those in the rule Sheets) I had to adapt them. I took the chance and enhanced all(!) maneuver tables with hi-res scans, unified color schemes and some new ship artworks.
  • Page size changed to new unified page format.

Additional language would be easy to create, just let me know!


2016-02-03 23.46.54 2016-02-04 00.01.05

I designed a new CollectorBox to store all upgrade cards at once, that spares you the need to open numerous boxes. A Picture says a thousand words:

The box comes in 6 different sizes, three single-rowed and three double-rowed. The picture shows the middle size (M) single-row box. The double-rowed L box holds 400 Cards if you want to be able to flip through them comfortably, otherwise you can easily add another 100 Cards. You’ll find infos about the capacity of each box within the archive file.

There’s no fancy illustrated step-by-step guide (yet) due to the above mentioned technical problems. But fear not, the build is really easy and straightforward, I’ve labeled all glue flaps and named all parts to make it easier for you. However, should you run into trouble, just let me know!

And yes, I’m already working on an X-Wing design for this new box and a version for the Imperial Assault command cards is planned, as well.

That’s it for now, more to come!

Happy crafting,


Small Armada Update

Hi everybody,

not that much this time, upgraded the Armada MicroHangars to v2.1:

  • It turned out that I’ve been somewhat excessive in reducing the thickness of the fold lines, I got some reports that they were barely visible anymore. Sorry, all fold lines have been increased in their strength. Hope it works now.
  • On special request I’ve added a slightly higher Firespray hangar for those of you that don’t want to throw the ship loosely into the box (for example if it has been painted). The box with standard measurement remains, as well.
  • The Mark II MicroHangar has been redesigned. Upon recommendation I’ve bought one of the amazing Really Useful Boxes, which seem to be made for my Armada stuff. Only Problem was the MkII Hangar, about 2mm to high. Since I never really liked the crude angle at which you had to put it inside the hangar I did a new one. The new hangar is not only marginally lower but you can put the MkII into it in its normal position. No clue why I didn’t do this in the first place…

The GearBoxes will get better fold lines, as well, probably secretly and quietly, because the next update will take a few more days. But it will be awesome… At least I hope so…

Happy crafting,


Armada Wave 2!

Hi everybody,

got some new material, which took me longer than I thought, but I think it was worth waiting.



Armada Wave 2 arrived at my home and all MicroHangars and GearBoxes are done, including a quite sturdy box for the Imperial Class Star Destroyer, I was really afraid of this one. You can find some more info on the MicroHangar page (scroll down a bit), including a link to a detailled step-by-step instruction for the ISD hangar.

There’s only one PDF file for each language version, since I started converting my Armada files to an automated workflow (like X-Wing, so much easier to use and so much easier to add additional language versions). Unfortunately there is a downside to this workflow, since it produces only one hangar per page, resulting in some half filled pages. Really sorry, but the manual positioning of each box became simply too time-consuming (I’m having some other games on my list, as well…).

But I tried my best to ease your potential pain by:

  1. Placing the box on one edge, so you can simply rotate the paper 180° and put it back into your printer to print on the other half.
  2. Adding an additional ZIP version containing each print sheet as a separate PNG file with transparent background. With some basic skills you can now easily build your own print sheets of any desired size. Yes, I intend to do this for all boxes from now on.

Furthermore I ditched the two different page formats (US letter and A4) for Armada, too, everything now comes in my unified page format which prints on both paper sizes (at 100% print size as usual).

There will be an update for the card boxes, but I wanted to share the MicroHangars and GearBoxes in advance, so have fun and as usual feel free to bother me with questions or feedback,


IA in Spanish! The undead arrive! And other stuff…

Hi everybody,

long time no see, sorry, kind of short on free time at the moment. Therefore my todo list got longer. Again. Damn. But here are some new little things:


FactionSheet_UndeadThe undead are among us for quite some time now, figured it’s time to start opening the doors and let them in. I’ve started with updated FactionSheets that feature all undead units now, as well (including an updated backside). More to come.

Imperial Assault

Lots of little things changed or added:

  • New language version: Spanish!
  • Do-it-yourself kit to make fancy lids for your ModularTokenBoxes. Inside you’ll find jpg and psd files with artwork to match my CardboxCollection. Furthermore there are two different lids available, the one already known from the blank version and another version to make a matchbox cover. Like it even better, personally. Oh, and some scans from various tokens and a free font.
  • Added new class boxes for Twin Shadow stuff (ENG only for now, rest will follow later once available).
  • Changed paper size for all language version to new unified format (see FAQ).
  • Additional box sizes for Agenda and Item Cards.
  • Renamed one box: Rule Sheets –> Mission Sheets (makes more sense).
  • Added capacity information to big card boxes.


Corrected a bug on the english GearBox for the K-Wing (wrong pilots).

Generic material

The above mentioned matchbox style cover has been added to the blank ModularTokenBox. Furthermore I created the pdf file in another way, hopefully eliminating issues with some devices (file was messed up on phones/tablets). That’s the reason behind the increased file size.


I’ve added a new fanwork section where I’ll host stuff that you have created with my templates and are willing to share. Feel free to send me your work!

Furthermore I decided to make my todo list public to let you know what I’m working on (WIP=WorkInProgress) and what bugs already caught my attention. The page comes in two languages at the same time to spare me updating two different pages.

A bunch of new stuff.

Hey everybody,

I’m fed up with collecting new material, figured it was time for an update, here we go:

2015-10-05 16.41.46ModularTokenBox

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, a easy and versatile solution to handle all the tokens that come with games like X-Wing and Imperial Assault. I’ve tossed several ideas but now I’ve found a solution that satisfies me, hope you like it, too! I present to you the new ModularTokenBox! For starters you’ll find only the plain white generic one, I’m working on some fancy stickers for the various games. Much like the stickers for the Armada CarrierBoxes, so you can start building right away and add them later!

Unbenannt-1CarrierBoxes – X-Wing retrofit

By popular request (and because I wanted to do it anyway) I made a little sticker set for the Armada CarrierBoxes with X-Wing design. Great to store your upgrade or pilot card boxes! See for yourself.

New language version for X-Wing: Italiano

Thanks to my new workflow adding new language versions is quite easy now (at least for the card boxes, MicroHangars and GearBoxes are not automated yet), and thanks to the help of Raffaele the italian players now are my guinea pigs. Please be gentle, it’s not complete yet, I’ll add further stuff little by little. Other foreign players who like to have a localized version are welcome to contact me!

New unified page format

I’ve changed the page format tentatively to spare me a big bunch of work (if it works as desired). Until now I made PDF files for both A4 and US letter size with respect to the different conventions. I’m happy to do that, but it’s becoming more and more time consuming.

From now on, all new materials wil have a unified page format of 210x279mm, which should be the common denominator of both formats. This shouldn’t mean any difference for you, since you only have to make sure to print at 100% without any scale like before. The new format fits on both paper sizes and therefore I see no problem with this approach. Please let me know if I’m wrong!

Long story short: Don’t wonder about any missing page sizes, simply print at 100% as usual.

General website changes

I’ve rearranged the side bar menu since it became more and more crowded. I’ve reduced each game to only two subitems, “Showcase” and “Download area”. You’ll find the old links to all project sites by klicking on the showcase link. The game title will lead you to the publisher’s page. Please report any errors!

In addition there’s a new item for “Generic material”, which consists solely out of the new ModularTokenBox. For now…

Have fun,


X-Wing: The new core set!

Hi everybody,

it took me a while because it’s been significantly more work than I figured, boy, that were A LOT of pdf pages to build.

The new X-Wing core set “The Force Awakens” has found it’s way to me and I present to you a big bunch of updates and expansions! One word on the color scheme: From now on all boxes with material for the two new factions will get the new blue logo, the old boxes will stay red. Coming expansions for the classic factions will stick with the red logo, too. This made the most sense to me and you can tell the timeline by first look. I did a few boxes in blue and red, just in case someone likes one color better than the other. That’s it, take a look, sadly without new pictures, I really want to publish this without further delay.

MicroHangars & GearBoxes

For about a week I get requests for those on a daily basis. No, I’m not bothered, in fact this makes me happy, but I’m not as fast as I’d like to be. And good things come to those who wait.

Putting the ships inside the new TFA hangars shouldn’t be a problem, they are basically the same as before. The X-wing box is a bit bigger and I even tweaked the old TIE Fighter box just a tad, even less rattling around. The new GearBoxes feature not only the TFA ships but also the long forgotten TIE Advanced from the Imperial Raider. I simply put all of them in a single new file, I’m going to merge everything together later.

Damage Cards

Of course you can fit the new damage deck into the old box, but that would look awful, let’s honest. Therefore you’ll find additional TFA versions of the standard tuckbox and the dispenser box. Furthermore a typo on the Rebel Transport damage deck box has been corrected.

Upgrade cards boxes

I know, my updates have a rather short half life at the moment, but FFG finally assigned official category designations for the various upgrade types! Changes:

  • All titles adapted to the official titles from TFA reference book.
  • New box for “Tech” (with an optional version with red logo).
  • Generic boxes with optional blue logo.
  • Removed further unnecessary sizes, let me know if you miss a specific size.

Pilot cards boxes

Only a little update here, added pilot card boxes for the T-70 and the TIE/FO. Since there are no schematics around I tried my best to do them on my own, but without any labels. Think I mentioned this before. For better survey I created a single archive file for each language version.

Reference card box

Forgot to update this with wave 7, but even now I merely changed the listing on the back.

Other things

Not much, I got a personal request from a fellow player who asked me if I could do a simple dice box, same size as upgrade cards size 4. Yes, I could, and I did. You can find it in the SpecialBoxes section.

That’s it, I think, have fun with the new material (download area on the right) and let me know if you find any mistakes!