So long…

My shortest blog post ever, and the last one on this somewhat crowded page. I’ve just launched my new website, come and take a look at I stripped this page of all downloads but will keep it in archive mode for now, until I’ve found a way to preserve all your enthusiastic feedback. Thanks […]

X-Wing wave 8

Hi everybody, took me long enough, but finally 26(!) new files are waiting for you below. [/su_spoiler] That’s it, sorry for the delay, but as described above it was a huge effort. Next on my list is the redesign of my somewhat confusing website, I need some time away from boxes… Once the new site’s […]

X-Wing CollectorBox Upgrades

X-Wing CollectorBox for upgrade cards No, no wave 8 hangars yet, still waiting for my ships, but here’s something else to keep you busy: Because my website is being overhauled behind the scenes there’s no illustrated instruction page, yet, you’ll find it on my new page ASAP. The box is identical to the Armada version […]

X-Wing GearBoxes v3.0 & Damage Deck Boxes v5.0

Hi, I’ve finally had some time to upload the GearBoxes v3.0, sorry for the delay. All ships released so far are now included, due to the automated pdf creation there’s only one box per page, sorry. But to ease your pain I did an additional archive with separate PNG files, as promised. This way you […]

Armada and X-Wing update.

Hi everybody, it has been a bit quiet here because I had (and have…) some technical Problems with the website. But since I already have some new material I figured it best to share it nevertheless. X-Wing The MiniManeuverCards have been updated to v4.0 Numerous changes: Added TFA ships, Imperial Assault Carrier and all of […]

Small Armada Update

Hi everybody, not that much this time, upgraded the Armada MicroHangars to v2.1: It turned out that I’ve been somewhat excessive in reducing the thickness of the fold lines, I got some reports that they were barely visible anymore. Sorry, all fold lines have been increased in their strength. Hope it works now. On special […]

Armada Wave 2!

Hi everybody, got some new material, which took me longer than I thought, but I think it was worth waiting. Armada Armada Wave 2 arrived at my home and all MicroHangars and GearBoxes are done, including a quite sturdy box for the Imperial Class Star Destroyer, I was really afraid of this one. You can […]

A bunch of new stuff.

Hey everybody, I’m fed up with collecting new material, figured it was time for an update, here we go: ModularTokenBox I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, a easy and versatile solution to handle all the tokens that come with games like X-Wing and Imperial Assault. I’ve tossed several ideas but now I’ve […]

X-Wing: The new core set!

Hi everybody, it took me a while because it’s been significantly more work than I figured, boy, that were A LOT of pdf pages to build. The new X-Wing core set “The Force Awakens” has found it’s way to me and I present to you a big bunch of updates and expansions! One word on […]